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Rev. Lawrence Boadt, CSP, SSD

Rev. Boadt’s presentation will enrich celebrants who lead the liturgy and people who participate in this sacred, sacrificial meal. The answers to our deepest needs and most lofty aspirations are found in the most human of all acts, the act of worshiping.
Drawing upon history, anthropology, and a broad range of scripture studies, Boadt illuminates the meaning and nature of sacrifice, holocausts, sacrificial meals, offerings for the dead, blood libations, purifications, processions and music. He outlines the Temple practices and the role of the priests in carrying out thanksgiving, cereal, and sin offerings.
The importance of symbolism, the care of the altar and the following of a religious calendar are brought into sharp focus. Boadt also draws upon non biblical priestly materials and the Septuagint to lay a solid background for the understanding of the Eucharist as found in the New Testament. He demonstrates how the spiritual heritage of Israel formed how the disciples and apostles understood Christ and carried out his mandate to celebrate the Eucharist.
Every priest, deacon or lay person who listens to this program will process to the altar with a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the awesome task they will participate in during the celebration of the Eucharist. This program will enhance the appreciation of the religious and laity as well as priests and deacons for the Eucharist. Seeing the Eucharist in the context of the entire history of salvation will help all to participate in the celebration with a greater sense of reverence and awe.

Produced in collaboration with the National Institute for Clergy Formation of Seton Hall University.

5 CDs, 5 hrs., plus outline
Prod. Code: CD-544

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